‘YOU Are More Than Just Your Weight’

Rebel Wilson has shared an incredibly empowering message to anyone who has ever struggled with their body changing shape.

Since the start of her career, the Australian actress has lamentably been under a lot of scrutiny when it comes to her body, and over the past two years, she embarked on a health and fitness kick.

However, it is essential to note that even when you have a healthy lifestyle, it is normal for the human body to fluctuate daily, with elements such as water retention, food intake, and normal bodily functions playing a part.

And Rebel was sure to remind her followers “YOU are more than your weight” as she shared a swimsuit Instagram snap of herself from an all-inclusive holiday resort. In the caption, the Pitch Perfect star wrote she was having a good time indulging and was choosing to be kind to herself after realizing she’s put on a little weight.

wilson, who is in a relationship with fashion designer Ramona Agrumaused the moment as an opportunity to remind her social media fanbase not to feel guilty about weight gain as it “doesn’t define” them.

“I just noticed I put on 3 kg’s on my holiday,” she said. “I’m at an amazing all-inclusive resort… I’ve lost all self-control.. But you know what? I can get up tomorrow and go to the gym, and hydrate and eat healthy and love myself.”

She adds, “It doesn’t help to be hard on yourself but I know what it’s like to feel guilty and not great after eating too much. But if you’re like me just know YOU are more than just your weight, your weight doesn’t define you, just try your best to be healthy and don’t be so hard on yourself. Be the best version of you.”

The Senior Year star was inundated with supportive and grateful comments who commended her for her candid post, with one person writing, “I needed this, thank you so much, you look stunning.”

Another wrote, “You shouldn’t have ANY constraints while on holiday ever. You look amazing Rebel!” while a third added, “Thank you for sharing all of you, I wish I had a role model like you when I was a kid.”

While Wilson initially embarked on her health journey to feel better physically and emotionally, she recently confessed that she had been offered different film roles since losing weight.

“I found that with the British drama The Almond and the Seahorse—I’m not sure I would have been cast in that when I was a bigger girl because they kind of stereotype you a bit more when you’re bigger,” she said. “[Losing weight] has definitely diversified my stocks,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

She also told Australia’s The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin: “I think what’s been really interesting to me is how other people treat you.

“Sometimes being bigger, people didn’t necessarily look twice at you, and now that I’m in a good shape, like, people offer to carry my groceries to the car and hold doors open for you. I was like, ‘Is this what other people experienced all the time?’”

It’s interesting (and very sad) to see how society’s perception of us changes once we fit an idealized standard of beauty. Thank you, Rebel Wilson, for reminding us that the number on our scales is in fact the least interesting thing about us.

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