What’s the best way to travelling from England to France?

Travelling is of great benefit especially when it has to do with travelling to a different region that has people with different race and cultural beliefs. Inter-country travel exposes one to how others view life and makes one have an open mind to life itself.

Although travelling can be a great way of relaxing, it can also be stressful if the best route is not taken to get to your destination. Some people travel without adequate knowledge to ensure that they use the best means possible, while others make their travel plans with the help of travel agencies. Before embarking on a trip, it is important to ask questions so as to make your travel experience a memorable one.

There are different transportation mediums that aid in the transportation of people, from one place to another. Most people travel through different transportation medium depending on their criteria for choosing such transporter, these criteria may include the routes that are shorter, the cheapest route, and travel convenience.

It is not possible to drive from England to France due to lack of roads connecting the 2 countries. The implication is that you might need to rent a car when you get to your destination. Hence, you should read online car rental companies reviews in the UK on BritainReviews to know the right car rental companies to use in France. For those that intend to travel to France especially if your take-off point is England, below are some tips to guide you in making it hassle-free.


People tend to frown at the use of trains for transportation. Trains have evolved from the locomotive type that takes a longer time to arrive at its destination to modern types of train that uses the latest technology for higher speed and noiseless travel. Travelling to France or vice-versa can be made using trains.

The high-speed train covers 214 miles between London and Paris, it actually takes two hours and fifteen minutes to do so. There are so many benefits for choosing a train, a train is one of the safest means of transportation, and trains are hardly delayed except there is an emergency that caused the delay, unlike planes that can be delayed due to different factors.

A train gives you enough room to workaround, you can make a stop at city centres for quick connection to local transport, it is cheaper to travel by train when compared to other means of transportation, trains gives you generous baggage allowance, unlike planes that have baggage limit. Travelling by train also keeps you busy viewing the different terrains as you travel through the city and towns, this is also a great advantage for that like adventure and exploration.


Travelling by flight is also preferable when compared to ferry and coaches. Although expensive, it gives one the opportunity to arrive at one’s destination in the shortest possible time. There are different flight connections that can take you to different both countries. For those landing in Paris, the capital also has two airports Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly. Charles-de-Gaulle is 25km north of the city and Orly is 14km south of the city. These different airports are linked by suburban rail and shuttle busses. Also, note that other cities in France also have international airports so you are not limited to land in Paris.