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Fodor’s Travel and are divisions of Internet Brands. The common wage for Rick Steves Europe Tour Guide is $fifty three,692 per 12 months, starting from $46,054 to $60,182. Compare more salaries for Rick Steves Europe Tour Guide at It is a stressful job, as you should take care of a large group of individuals, typically up to 60 in a gaggle. Another choice guides face if whether they need to work as an worker or as an entrepreneur.

Yet prospects rated tour quality just as highly following the check’s demise. It might be that the District’s test was simply a nasty check and that one other check might have carried out a better job of weeding out substandard tour guides. However, this research shows that high quality was high while the check was in pressure and remained excessive after the check ended.

Someone who knows tips on how to command the eye of a number of individuals at once, is a good candidate for a tour guide place. Tour guides have to be approachable and have wonderful interpersonal abilities as a result of they will be involved with a number of folks each day.

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Blue Badge Tourist Guides are the official, skilled vacationer guides of the United Kingdom. They put on a Blue Badge to point their professionalism.

In Europe, tourist guides are represented by FEG, the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. In Europe, the vacationer guiding qualification is specific to every country; in some circumstances the qualification is national, in some cases it is broken up into areas. In all instances it’s embedded within the instructional and training ethic of that country. EN15565 is a European Standard for the Training and Qualification of Tourist Guides.

Furthermore, since high quality was good both while the testing requirement was in force and after it ended and new, untested guides entered the market, one thing else should have been working to weed out poor guides. The findings here counsel that one thing, or somewhat somebody, was customers. Consumers won’t advocate a tour they did not get pleasure from.