Pelumi Is The Solo Traveling Nigerian Woman Doing World Travel Her Way

Credit: Pelumi Nubi

At the beginning of my content creation journey, I certainly made the mistake of focusing too much on getting the perfect image or video rather than enjoying my travel experiences. I was prioritizing content creation because my mission is to show people new destinations and inspire them to visit these destinations. However, at the same time, I did not want it to be detrimental to my own travel experiences. I came up with some strategies to help. For example, when I’m trying a dish or a new restaurant, I tend to use the first couple of minutes just to capture content, then spend the rest of my time being there and truly enjoy the experience. Alternatively, I just keep the camera running while I am having conversations with locals or during a particular activity, that way I’m able to simultaneously capture content whilst engaging.

Mostly I try not to post in real time because of safety issues but also it allows me to enjoy the moment and later create the content in a more curated manner. Honestly, it can be tricky constantly juggling the two but implementing these strategies has certainly helped me achieve my goals. I also encourage creators to take time off, just the same way you would do in a 9-5 job. You can also create these healthy habits of simply stepping away from social media apps. I personally enjoy “unplug vacations” or “posting free” holidays and by building an amazing following (or tribe members, as I call them) I am confident they will be there when you come back.