Important Travel Safety Tips For Beginners

If discussing Traveling is fun huh guys what else if traveling with friends, family, loved ones, or alone, well this time I will share safe tips for those of you who want to travel. Do you want to know safety tips for traveling? let’s just read my article below:

1. Check your Transportation and Lodging Ticket Schedule

The first thing is indeed very important for those of you who want to travel near or far. First, before leaving home, you must check your ticket schedule, whether airplane, train, bus, boat, and other transportation tickets, it won’t be fun, guys, if tomorrow is the time to leave, forget the schedule and miss it … Your traveling must have failed and made your mood bad.

In addition to checking the ticket schedule, you also need to check your lodging, what time the operating hours are, and make sure you have booked a room for you so that after you arrive at your destination, you don’t need to look for lodging again, which makes your vacation a little hassle.

Thankfully now the internet technology is getting more sophisticated you can order it using just a smartphone and transfer it directly, then you can get accommodation according to your wishes.

2. Make sure the location you visit is safe

This number 2 thing is sometimes often underestimated and not many travelers care about it even though this is very dangerous for you when traveling. Now guys, for those of you who want to be safe, make sure you check the location that you visit, whether it is vulnerable to riots, crime, mode, pickpocketing or other things that endanger you.

If the location that you visit and pass-through is safe then your traveling is guaranteed to run smoothly. Now don’t forget to find out the location you want to visit first, especially if you want to travel alone, this is very important.

3. Try to Come During the Daytime

Why is it better to come during the daytime? because you can find public transportation easily, safely, and find lodging easily. Also, you can go for a walk to find the nearest culinary and tourism after placing the goods at the inn.

4. Write down the phone numbers of people closest to you

save the number of important people from the city you visit

This is also very important for those of you who want to travel first, make sure you already have a guide number, hotel number, and the transportation number you want to ride. Also, you make sure to note the number of the person closest to you, if your mobile phone is lost, you can contact them through your notes. Small things like this are also valuable if you experience disasters and distress when traveling.

5. Occasional Selfies when Traveling

Eliminate your pride and your shame for taking a selfie, this is also sure to be loved by your friends, family or loved ones. Because you can give them the pleasure of seeing you traveling to places that are luxurious, beautiful, cool, and certainly see you happy while on vacation.

6. Interact With People Around

Why is traveling fun for most travelers? because by traveling they can get acquainted with new people and know new things namely culture, culinary, or travel around the location you visit.

This is usually done when traveling alone they usually interact with residents around to ask for culinary or the road to travel in the area. Now most travelers who vacation alone once are usually addicted to traveling alone again because they can interact with many people.

7. Make sure the goods you carry are complete

Now the number seven is also useful for those of you who want to travel either near or far, make sure you are not the wrong costume … I mean what kind of costume is it? So, for example, if you want to go to the beach, make sure you bring thin clothes, hats, sandals, sunglasses, sunblock mats, sunblock, toiletries, personal medicines, and many more, don’t let you bring a parasitic jacket, shoes, Tent, Hammock, Mat, Bennie, Rope, Sleeping Bag, Tracking pole, Head Lamp, Gloves, and Raincoat.

8. Save Softcopy and Hardcopy of Your Important Documents

This is very important because if your important documents are lost but you still have soft copies and hard copies of documents including ID cards, passports, and other important identification.