Hotel Facilities Most Charged of Guests

People who do staycation usually deliberately choose to stay at a hotel with complete facilities where they will spend their vacation at the hotel.

Not only is it fun, but a staycation can also save your vacation budget and become a boredom remedy.

Talking about Hotel Facilities, look for the best hotel with complete facilities such as Boutique Hotel Saigon.

Well, here are some of the facilities targeted by hotel occupants, namely:

In general, in the hotel, there is more than 1 place to eat. There is the main restaurant, there is also a café or lounge. The restaurant inside the hotel is one of the facilities that is often hunted, both by hotel guests, as well as guests who do not stay at the hotel.

Diverse types of food, can eat as much as you want, and satisfying service is the main attraction to eat at the hotel.

Swimming pool

One of the most sought after facilities for hotel guests is the swimming pool. This facility is a bonus. So for your hotel occupants, you do not need to pay extra for these facilities.

Hotels also compete to provide a variety of swimming pool facilities. Some offer infinity swimming pools, some are indoor, some are outdoor.

Premium TV Channels

A hotel is a place of accommodation, therefore, the facilities provided in the room must be of high quality. First, the mattress and bedding that are given must certainly give the impression of comfort for those who want to rest.

Second is the TV channel provided. In hotels, especially star hotels, usually not only provide local TV channels but also international TV channels.

Spa becomes one of the most common facilities because the spa can refresh and help with the relaxation from the fatigue and busyness of everyday life. The choices are very diverse, some provide Thai-style massage, massage with hot rocks, to massage with chocolate. There are spas which are given free of charge and some charge a fee.

You should ask the receptionist about what free facilities you get before you enjoy the facilities.