Dylan Dreyer Shows Hilarious Vacation Packing Photos

When it comes to packing for vacation, especially a family vacation, moms tend to have a different technique than dads. And this was displayed brilliantly (and hilariously) by TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer when she shared how she packs vs. how her husband packs on Instagram.

Anyone who’s had to wash, organize, and pack clothes for small children for any sort of extended stay somewhere knows how much work goes into it. Being prepared for any number of spills, accidents, outings and the like is no small feat—especially with three little boys, like Dreyer. And while dads are most certainly not incapable of tackling this kind of herculean task, it’s something moms usually do.

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And this amazing photo series shows exactly why that is.

“Packing 3 kids for @acchampionship in Tahoe takes a lot of organizing. Packing 1 man apparently does not (swipe to last picture),” she writes in the caption.

The first two photos show a very well-planned packing process for Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera’s three boys, Calvin, Oliver and Russell.

The last photo, well, does not. And my goodness is this relatable content! Very recently, my own husband packed, like, maybe 3 full outfits for a week of hiking and exploring Ireland for a week. I can’t tell you how many times he lamented his lack of preparedness and how many times I shot him the “I told you so” look.

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Our family vacations often produce a similar result—the kids and I have everything we could possibly need in abundance, and he’s washing the same pair of shorts three times in one week. It is what it is, and it surely doesn’t put a damper on our trips. We love him in all of his unintentionally minimalist splendor!

Let’s give Dylan Dreyer a hand for her perfectly Marie Kondo-ed suitcase, shall we? It’s a sight to behold. Whether you prefer the envelope-folding technique, packing cubes, or some other method to tame the madness that is packing up your children’s clothing for a trip—it’s no small task.

We love it when celebrity moms show us they’re just like us!

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