All About Thailand from Hotels to Religious Tourism Destinations

Bangkok in the eyes of Indonesian tourists is gaining popularity after people get bored with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Moreover AirAsia direct flights from Medan Bangkok are only around 2 hours . 

Arrive at the airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the country’s gateway to Bangkok. This airport is relatively new and large, but efficient. Signposts are clearly written in Thai and English.

Bangkok has several choices of transportation modes, ranging from taxis, city buses, tuk-tuks, ferry crossing rivers, to mass trains called BTS SkyTrain and MRT . But this time it was not discussed about transportation in Bangkok. Just a little sharing about vacation experiences to Bangkok.

Hotels in Bangkok

For hotel business, the rate is more or less the same as hotels in Indonesia, such as Jakarta or Medan. Hotels are arguably available very much in Bangkok, so the location is decisive.

1.    Ibis Bangkok Siam Hotel ( Recommended )

The location is almost exactly opposite the MBK Mall, really a plus point . Once shopping, full hands, just take it home to the hotel, then back again to MBK and ready to shop again.

But for backpackers who prefer hostels to hotels, Khao San Road has become an epicenter. The location is located north of the Grand Palace, lined with cheap lodging with a dormitory price of around USD 15 / person. On this street you can also find restaurants to souvernir sellers and Thai massages. To book online you can visit the Ibis Bangkok website at

2.    The Dynasty Hotel

The Dynasty Hotel is located in Ramkhamhaeng. Quite close to The Mall and Big C department stores, just a 10 minute walk from the hotel. And at night, just 5 minutes out of the hotel, you will find a place that looks like a night market. The difference is selling position is located along the road by utilizing the sidewalk. Ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, pins to food there are all at low prices and may be negotiable. The hotel is clean, comfortable and the most fun, the hotel is next to the ferry pier which likes to pass by to take tourists for water tours.

3.    Baiyoke Sky Hotel

If the purpose of coming to Bangkok is to shop, then the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is the right choice. The location is very strategic, close to Pratunam Market , Platinum Fashion Mall and Pantip Plaza which can be reached on foot. The price of the room, including cheap for the size of a 4-star hotel. Looking for too much halal food around the hotel.

4.    Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam Hotel

The second choice hotel for tourists who come to Bangkok for shopping purposes. From the name, it was found out that the hotel is also located not far from Pratunam Market & Platinum Fashion Mall .

Bangkok Attractions

Bangkok maps are available everywhere including when you first arrive at the airport. With this map usually clearly illustrated some of the main tourist attractions in the city of Bangkok that are ready to be explored.

Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaeo

It is the main tourist destination of Bangkok, a palace complex with a number of temples. Don’t miss visiting Wat Phra Kaeo, a temple that contains the Emerald Buddha. To go here, preferably in the morning, or at least 1 pm because it closes at 3.30. Costs 500 Baht for tourists, unless you pretend to speak Thai. This place is always full of thousands of tourists, so if possible try to come as early as possible.

Wat Pho (Buddhist Reclining)

The location is quite a walk from the Grand Palace. Enter here must dress modestly, aka not too short or too open. But for those who have already dressed “that way”, don’t worry, because at the front door there is a robe rental service.

Wat Arun

Located opposite Wat Pho. Heading there must cross the Chao Phaya river. Boats that help  crossings operate every 5 minutes. The ticket window is beside the pier with a 10-minute journey to Wat Arun.

The destination for tourists coming to Wat Arun is Prang Tower, which is the center of the Wat Arun temple complex. This temple has a height of more than 70 meters. If you don’t have a problem with height, Must be extra careful because the stairs are really steep and narrow. It is said that the steep and narrow stairway symbolizes the difficulty of humans to reach a higher life.

Really great philosopy, so you must try to step to the top. Be brave, don’t look down or look up, just look at the steps. It’s a shame if I’ve come all the way to Wat Arun, but not to the top.

Another feature of this temple is the pagoda wall in the form of porcelain glittering in the light. This place is more quiet and calm compared to the Grand Palace. At Wat Arun there are many knick-knacks sales that are characterized by Bangkok, ranging from T-shirts, wallets, fans, bags or miniature tuk tuks. If you want to buy for souvenirs, Wat Arun can be an option, because the prices here are quite cheap.